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Cable Ties

We are a Master Distributor of Wire & Cable (zip) Ties including: Miniature, Intermediate, Standard, Heavy Duty, Low-Profile, Beaded, Stainless Steel, Releasable, Mounting Hole, Identification, Halar, Tefzel, Hook & Loop (Velcro), Color & Fluorescent.  Our Cable Tie accessories include Mounting Pads and Screw Mounts.


Our Ties meet or exceed U.S. Military Specification Mil-23190 and MS 3367 and are recognized by underwriters Laboratories (UL).  They require the lowest insertion force with the highest tensile strength in the industry.

Drill Bits

We supply drill bits made of high speed steel, molybdenum steel, titanium nitrite and cobalt steel.  The product line includes general purpose (118) degree) surface treated or bright finish, heavy duty (135 degree split point), extra length, reduced shank S & D, left handed jobber drills, taper shank, taper length, double end drills, masonry drills, taps and dies, carbide burs, end mills, side milling & angle cutters, pipe, stud and screw extractors.

Wire & Wire Terminals

The wire terminals we supply include: non-insulated, nylon insulated, nylon with heat shrink tubing, heat shrink with solder, & nylon with heat shrink & solder.  The types of terminals include: Ring, Spade, Butt Connectors, Step Down Butt Connectors, Hook, 3 way, 4 way, Female & Male Slip -Ons, Bullet Male & Female, Wire Nuts, T-Tap quick slide & high temperature.  Other related items include cable lugs, split bolt connectors, Battery Terminals, Battery Cable, Primary Wire & more.

Automotive And Industrial Chemicals

We stock & supply the best chemicals on the market today, in both aerosol & bulk.  Famous brands include: Sprayway Glass Cleaner and PB Blaster Penetrating Oil ( and other Blaster products).  Other Chemicals include: electronic cleaner & protector, white lithium & heavy duty red grease, anti-seize, brake cleaner, gasket & paint remover, auto detail supplies, auto & truck additives, spray paints including Seymour MRO Industrial, concrete floor cleaner, car wash, brighteners, waxes & more.

Hand Cleaners

We carry Mean Green Hand Scrub, the most advanced hand cleaner ever developed!  It removes grease, paint, printers ink, oil field grime, adhesives, solvents and more.  One 64 oz tub of Mean Green will clean more hands than 4 gallons of liquid hand cleaner. 


We also Carry touchless Hand Dispensers and Quality GOJO Products





 Our fastener products, in both American & Metric thread, include:  Hex Cap Screws (all grades), Bolts (Carriage, Plow, Hex Lag, Elevator, etc.), Pins, Keys, Rings, Threaded Rod, Studs, Brass Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Hose, Adapters, Hydraulic Couplers, etc.) Lubrication Fittings (Zerk Grease Fittings, etc.), O-Rings, all types of Stainless Steel Fasteners, and Tamperproof Fasteners.

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