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Cable Ties:

Q. For which applications should I use white (natural) or black cable ties?

A. Natural color cable ties should be used primarily indoors, away from light. Prolonged exposure to light will cause natural color ties to become yellow & brittle. Black cable ties are UV protected against ultraviolet light, weather resistant and are therefore recommended for outdoor use. Our cable ties are manufactured from Nylon6/6, the grade most often used for cable tie production which meets UL 94V-2 flammability ratings.

Q. What if I have to use cable ties where heat is involved?

A. If cable ties are to be used in an application where temperatures are between 185 & 250 degrees Fahrenheit, then heat stabilized nylon ties should be used. Nylon cable ties containing specially formulated heat stabilizers provide additional thermal endurance. Our heat stabilized nylons are engineered for continuous exposure to temperatures above 185 degrees Fahrenheit, which meet UL standards for electrical applications.

Drill Bits: 

Q. Why are heavy duty drills better than general purpose?

A. General purpose drill bits are manufactured with a 118 degree point, whereas heavy duty drill bits have a 135 degree split point, which reduces the thrust requirements & minimizes walking. The heavy construction affords efficient drilling in stainless steel & other hard materials. Our heavy duty Nitro Drill Bits come with 3 flats on the shank for positive fast grip-chucking.

Wire & Wire Terminals:

Q. What’s the advantage of using nylon insulated wire terminals as opposed to plastic covered?

A. Nylon, as opposed to plastic, is heat resistant. Our nylon terminals are made with a metal sleeve which has a built-in funnel entry design that eliminates wire strand hang-up and positions the wire correctly. The sleeve is extra long so that it can be double crimped for better holding.

Q. Why use heat shrink terminals?

A. When using a standard crimp terminal, the wire is exposed to moisture and other contaminants. Over time, the wire starts to corrode which reduces the current carrying capacity of the electrical system. Also, adverse conditions such as cold, vibration, strain, etc., can cause the wire or wires to pull out of the connector. Shrink tubing prevents all of these from happening and reduces downtime of vehicles or equipment. For the very best wire terminal, we offer both ElectraLink and MultiLink connectors.ElectraLink combines solder with heat shrink tubing while MultiLink combines solder, heat shrink tubing & the ability to crimp as well, for the ultimate connection!

Automotive & Industrial Chemicals: 

Q. Why use a high solid aerosol paint over a lower cost paint?

A. High solids, low solvent formulation will hide, cover & protect better than regular aerosol paint. One 20 oz can of our Seymour MRO High Solid aerosol paint will cover the same square footage of four 16 oz cans of lower cost aerosol paint. It is also available in gallons.

Q. Are all penetrating oils the same?

A. Absolutely not! Our very best penetrating oil, PB Blaster, has long been the leader in penetrating oils for many years. Spray it on bolts or all thread & watch it “climb the threads” as it dissolves rust, dirt & grease.

Q. Are bulk glass cleaners better than aerosol glass cleaners?

A. Our aerosol glass cleaner, Sprayway, is widely used in automotive windshield replacement shops as well as in mirror & picture frame stores. They claim it is non-streaking & easy to use.


Q. What’s the difference between Grade 5 & Grade 8 bolts?

A. Grade 5 heat treated bolts, rated at 120,000 P.S.I., are commonly used in most automobile applications while Grade 8 heat treated bolts, rated at 150,000 P.S.I., are stronger and therefore used in heavier duty truck & off road applications.

Q. What’s the difference between steel lock nuts & nylon insert lock nuts?

A. Steel lock nuts are to be used in applications where stress can be a factor. Nylon lock nuts are to be used in applications where heavy vibration occurs.

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